Movie poster template

Movie poster is a printed poster used particularly by film industry to introduce new movie or popular series of movies. The poster used by film industry has certain size which commonly categorized into two groups: One Sheet and Bus Stop movie poster. One sheet movie poster is the smallest in size printed in the 27” x 40” paper.  They are common for advertising movies in movie theatres.

Bus stop posters are typically 40” x 60” in size, which commonly showed in the subway and other crowd public place.  All of these movie posters printed in portrait paper format.

One last common movie poster are the half-sheet which printed in landscape format, they measure at 22” x 28”. We might also see 24” x 36” movie poster size in the retailer as merchandise.

Albeit of the size mentioned above, in fact there is no official regulation that obligates the exact size of movie poster. Therefore, film industries also permitted to make their poster with other size.

Here are the best collections of movie poster template to download for free.

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