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Movie poster template

Movie poster is a printed poster used particularly by film industry to introduce new movie or popular series of movies. The poster used by film industry has certain size which commonly categorized into two groups: One Sheet and Bus Stop movie poster. One sheet movie poster is the smallest in size printed in the 27” x 40” paper.  They are common for advertising movies in movie theatres.

Bus stop posters are typically 40” x 60” in size, which commonly showed in the subway and other crowd public place.  All of these movie posters printed in portrait paper format.

One last common movie poster are the half-sheet which printed in landscape format, they measure at 22” x 28”. We might also see 24” x 36” movie poster size in the retailer as merchandise.

Albeit of the size mentioned above, in fact there is no official regulation that obligates the exact size of movie poster. Therefore, film industries also permitted to make their poster with other size.

Here are the best collections of movie poster template to download for free.

Poster presentation template

Poster presentation templates are the specific type of poster used in the academic community and conference. Poster presentation is similar to the Research Poster or Poster Session. Poster presentation contains particular information written by individuals or members of a team, used as a medium of communication at meetings or academic conferences.

There is one big difference to the other poster templates, that poster for presentation has particular audience. It might contain such of promotional message, but with condition, it must be passing through specific agreement from the authorized institution or professors.

Because the significance of the message conveyed in the poster presentations, it must be created diligently and cannot be finished overnight. There are procedures and guidelines given.

Commonly presentation poster is a mixture of graphs, text, image, tables, and other formats used in the academic environments. Used as a poster conference, then it displayed in the specified room or space so the audience can observe them.

Poster template free

Not all resources in the Internet provide poster template free. Some of them give away the template for free with limitation, some with proper credit whether for use online or offline, and some can be used for free without any limitation. For the models can be used with limitation, the designer of the template want you to try first of their creation. Once you like it you can buy. Some of models given away with condition like attribution. This is you have to aware that creating poster template is not easy and the author only want you to respect them. The last models are free without limitation. This kind of poster template is sometime attributed with Creative Common 0 or Creative Common Zero, which is already putted into public domain.

Through this website, you can use poster template for free without any limitation. Because all of the templates are believed in the public domain and they are free to use for any purpose without need of attribution.

Wanted poster template

If you’re a designated person to handle such of publishing jobs in the authorized government or police station, you’ll need such of wanted poster template as many as possible in different format and looks. Having good looking wanted poster template will help you create immediate awareness and cautions to public of person suspected to the criminals.

Creating wanted poster is not easy as it must convey the message and caution clearly. There are three common text contained in wanted poster, are “Wanted Dead or Alive”, “Reward” and part of the caution “Approach with caution”.

We’ve collected numbers of the best wanted poster template in various color and design. You can pick them all for free. To edit the template is easy depending on the file format give. In instance, if you want to edit DOC format, you can simply open the template using text editor like Microsoft Office Word and Open Office.

Blank poster template

When making poster from a scratch some people prefer to look for a ready-use poster template. They often called by blank poster template. Blank poster template already contains some object like blank image, blank shape or just blank page of paper formatted in certain poster size. If you’re going to find blank poster template, you have to make sure the format of the file.

Many of them served in PNG files, so they are easy to edit. Some of them also already in PSD format, so people can drag & drop the objects contained in the template using photo editor such as Photoshop.

Many of blank poster template also provided in vector, so users can selectively separate or join the objects in the template. This kind of file format is commonly in vector-based image using EPS file format. When you’re about to edit EPS format you can use Adobe Illustrator. EPS can contain a more professional graphic design using text or graphics.

Online poster template

What is that trending today, people don’t want any more to hire professional to make poster. They prefer with their own creativity to make such of professional one. There are many benefits of having trial & error when making poster template which one of them, people always ready anytime for quicker alternative when making poster.

Online poster template is the most frequent key term used by million people when they search poster template on the Internet. Luckily, there are tons of choices to pick from the free poster template to the paid one. Not little sum of them are already designed to print with little effort of editing.

Albeit of the fact, not all resources offer facility to download online poster in complete file format, so this is the limitation of the free version. To bridge these common problems, our effort is to present poster template in various formats so user can easily adjust them.

Conference poster

Conference poster which is also known as poster session is the medium to convey information based on research. This type of poster, which also called as peer reviewed work is common in the academic environments such as medical congresses, scientific conference and many more. Conference poster usually displayed in special space like in the separate room or area of a trade show floor. Conference poster contains outline, methods and the outcomes of the research.

The conference poster format may varies in the size and form, which commonly following the guidelines of the conference. The most common size of conference poster is 60 cm x 91 cm to 121 cm x 243 cm in dimension. Poster session commonly printed in the glossy base and laminated with plastic to keep them attractive and durable.

If you are on your ways looking the example of conference poster, then we have some. You can edit and make adjustment of the poster based on your preference.

Poster design sample

When we’re about to make an eye-catching poster, first and foremost to consider is the design itself. The term of design covers all aspects needed to make the poster is ready to print in the highest quality. There are many aspects can be considered including font, color, image, size of paper, and sentences.

Working of everything from the start could be a daunting task unless you have creativity, strong imagination and skill of occupying tools. From the scratch people uses editing tool like Gimp, Photoshop or other simple photo editor. Unfortunately, mastering one of them, it takes times and process.

For a quick presentation or advertising you don’t need to learn them all from scratch. What do you need is only brainstorming using the existing poster design template sample. Through the sample you can add or remove the element in the template. A little bit of adjustment also works using this method, like playing on color, image adjustment and so on.

Poster Templates

So far poster recognized as a powerful and cost-effective medium for showing work, advertising and presentations. Although we’re today can promote or advertise without cost through social media, but poster has some of uniqueness which make it irreplaceable. Poster can convey messages to the point, and they are considered more professional because audience can directly check and cross-check the messages quality with their bare eyes or even they can touch it. Moreover, people always do advertising on the street sign, wall and other space in the crowd. This is probably undeleted habits.

Only the matter on creating poster, not every people are aware of the ways. It’s been long of decades people always hire professional designer to make poster for them, which make them demanded to spend more budget. In today’s digitalized world, people do not more require to hire professional as they can easily create poster using poster templates available to download. For the sake of purpose, we are here to provide you the best collection of poster templates.

Download Here :
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Poster Size

Whether you want to run printing service or just want to save some budgets on poster printing service, the most important thing to understand is the right poster size itself. By yourself you can make your own professional poster and even you don’t need to hire a designer as long as you know the rules. For printing agencies they should always fulfill their consumers’ need on the right poster size. As long as there are no official guidelines for a poster size, then we want to inform you everything about poster size that’s been used by most printing and advertising companies over decades. Moreover, you have to know that most of printers are designed with the same size guidelines. Thereby, by understanding the standard international paper size also help on determining the right size of poster.

That’s always been the hidden secret but not for now, the poster sizes do not to have to be exactly in sizes so you don’t need to afraid of bringing raw materials into printing services or afraid of buyers’ complain after knowing their poster is slightly smaller or bigger.

In order to explain the sizes briefly, here the conclusion of two most common sizes used for poster. One is based on the most popular international paper size and another is based on the most common layout used by printing companies.

Standard Poster Sizes in Europe and USA

Large (24-inches x 36-inches)

Wide array of advertising industries uses large poster. The size commonly used in amusement arcade, outdoor events, trade shows, and shopping malls. The idea behind this is subtle, that it to convey messages and directly attract people when seeing the ads. The poster in larger sizes commonly contains two sections. One is for big headline or image and another section is for smaller texts. People will see the biggest sections from far distance. If they catch their first impression, big possibilities for them to read the smaller part closer.

Medium (18-inches x 24-inches)

Such events like birthdays, bands advertising, celebrity, offices announcements, and university uses this size of poster. They are not too big, but still accommodate lots of information or directional guidelines. This size is close to the international C1 Series paper format (18.0 x 25.5 inches). If you want to create poster in the size, so both layout are deserve well.

Small (11-inches x 17-inches)

Small events, entertainments venues as well as concert generally they use this size. It doesn’t take lots of room and could be ideal size for bulletin boards, street lights and other small spaces. Small poster size aimed to convey message directly and clearly through big letters, which maybe consisting of time, date and place. When you compare it to the international paper size it close to the A3 Series format (11.7 x 16.5 inches).

Smallest (8.5-inches x 11-inches)

Small poster is the sibling of flayer or pamphlets. This poster type is mostly used for low-cost mass marketing or communications. If the flyers are available in the smaller sizes like A5 or A6, the smallest poster uses a roughly letterhead size (A4). Because of is limited room for image, usually smallest poster uses text only. The most common uses of smallest poster are including street posts, small handouts for marketing, and information desk.

Standard Movie Poster Size

There are two common types of standard movie poster. The smaller one commonly has 27 x 40 inches paper format. The larger one is 40 x 60 inches which commonly found in the bus stop. The smaller one is used in common for movie advertising, decoration and collectors.

Based on International Paper Size

Albeit you can consider poster sizes based on the standard above, you can also pick your own size. Using the standard paper size below you can easily print them out in any printing company worldwide. The company can print all of these size formats, because all printers are already made for these specific sizes. Therefore, you can be safe creating poster out of the rules as long as you keep the size ready to print.

Basically, the most popular paper sizes are classified into big three categories: A, B, and C Series Formats. Each of categories divided into 10 categories. You can see the sizes of paper based on their group in the image below:

From the image now you can see the similarity and differences of the mostly used poster sizes compared to the standard paper size.

In instance, if you want to create a large poster, you can simply refer to the A1 paper size. To scale down the size you can simply reduce the size based on the standard parameters above.

Luckily, if you want creates such of posters you don’t need too busy thinking of scaling up/down the size. Using photo editor such as Photoshop or Gimp, you can simply pick the right poster sizes based on your preference.